Nedwood Music Festival

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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Nedwood Music Festival  is “the Promoter” of the “Event.”

These terms and conditions are based on models produced by the Office of Fair Trading and The Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers (STAR).

The Events are any event advertised by the Promoters. The “Ticket Holder” is the person who is in possession of a ticket, either purchased or otherwise, to any of the Events. The Venue is the arena and associated areas where the Event/s are scheduled to and/or take place.

  1. Any queries regarding the Terms and Conditions should be raised with the Promoter via their agent/s prior to purchase. Purchase and/or use of a ticket/s, to any Event/s organised or owned by the Promoter shall constitute acceptance of the Full Terms and Conditions of the Promoter. The title to all tickets is the property of the Promoter until paid in full.
  2. The Ticket Holder undertakes to observe and uphold all the terms, conditions, additional directives and statements of the Promoters at all times. All directives and statements printed on the tickets, posted or announced at the event form part of these Terms and Conditions. In the instance of a breach of this undertaking the Promoters reserves the right to cancel the ticket/s and eject the offender/s and retain all monies paid.
  3. Where reasonably necessary, the Promoters reserve the right to alter and amend the advertised artistes/performers, site facilities, schedules, programmes and performances without prior notice and without liability. The Promoters reserve the right to replace the advertised headlined artist.
  4. Admission to the Event, car parks and associated areas are at the Ticket Holder’s own risk. Excepting where caused by their act or omission, the Promoters and the Venue shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or damages sustained within the Venue, all designated car parks and all associated areas. There is strictly no admittance to the car parking areas, the Venue or its associated areas before the advertised opening times.
  5. The Ticket Holder agrees to indemnify the Promoters against any loss, injury or damage caused to themselves or others by their own actions, negligence and/or nuisance or by any other person in their care or equipment, apparatus and/or belonging/s in their possession.
  6. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse admission, void tickets and /or eject, without refund, any person/s who refuse a security (person and or belongings) search, fail to produce proof of identity or age, who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs or in their opinion, may provoke a breach of the peace, jeopardize the health, safety and enjoyment of others, or damage the fame and reputation of the Event/s.
  7. Wherever possible, car parking will be provided but without guarantee and liability. The Promoters reserve the right to charge for this facility or withdraw it, without prior notice.
  8. Unauthorised photography, video, audio recording and transmission of the Event, the performers and the performance for professional purposes or financial gain is strictly forbidden. Professional audio and imaging equipment are forbidden inside the Venue. Small hand-held personal cameras without enhanced lenses are permitted. Video cameras of all types are not permitted. All unauthorised equipment will be confiscated and retained until a later date, at the owner’s own risk and without liability to the Promoters.
  9. Ticket Holders consent to being photographed, filmed and sound recorded as an audience without payment, and to their image being used by the Promoters in all matters relating to the Event and any future promotions.
  10. Excepting where clause 12 applies there are no refunds under any circumstances. No duplicate or replacement tickets will be issued under any circumstances.
  11. All scheduled open-air Events will still proceed in inclement weather. (Ticket Holders are advised to make their own, appropriate arrangements to protect themselves against the weather conditions that prevail. Umbrellas are not permitted.
  12. Should it occur that the Event is cancelled through lack of support, only the face value of the ticket may be refunded by the Promoters. Any booking fees and/or charges are made by the box office/supplier at the point of purchase and are not the responsibility of the Promoters and are a contract between the purchaser and the box office/agent. The Promoters advise purchasing tickets only through authorised outlets appointed by the Promoter. (See item 17).
  13. All Events are by general admission and, unless stated otherwise, no seating is provided. The reserving of, or the preparing of areas for later occupation, or the construction of boundary markers at any time, is not permitted. The Promoters reserve the right to dismantle any area, which in their opinion has been reserved. Any equipment, property or items therein may be moved away, at the owner’s risk.
  14. It is the responsibility of the Ticket Holder to carry a valid receipt/ticket or pass to the Event at all times. Failure to produce the appropriate receipt/ticket or pass, when so requested by the agents of the Promoter, may result in the person being ejected from the Event, without later claim or compensation. There is no re-admission.
  15. The following items and activities are forbidden inside the Concert Arena, all car parks and all associated areas for the duration of the event. BALL GAMES, FRISBEES AND SIMILAR ACTIVITIES. NAKED FLAMES, BARBECUES, STOVES, UNPROTECTED CANDLES, FIREWORKS, FLARES, AEROSOLS, INFLAMMABLE LIQUIDS, GAZEBOES, WINDBREAKS, TENTS AND SIMILAR STRUCTURES, PLACARDS OR BANNERS ON POLES, WHISTLES, LASERS OR SHARP OBJECTS, WEAPONS OR ITEMS THAT CAN BE USED AS WEAPONS, UNLICENSED OR COUNTERFEIT CONCERT OR ARTISTE MERCHANDISE, ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES or any other item that the Promoters may consider to be unsuitable or unsafe. Illegal substances, prohibited or unsafe items will be confiscated at the owner’s own risk and without liability to the Promoter. If in doubt about any permitted item enquire at the point of purchase.

All persons declining the request for a search of their person or belongings, by the official security personnel, will be refused entry with refund.

In addition to the restrictions itemised in item 15 above the following restrictions will also apply.

15a. General Admission Standing Audience –  (Water is available free of charge inside the auditorium). Juveniles (under 14 years old) must be accompanied by an adult (minimum age 18 years old). A maximum of four juveniles in the care of one adult. Once tickets have been checked and ‘torn’ by security there are NO PASS OUTS and NO-READMISSION to the holding areas or arenas UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES *unless by prior arrangement*. Ticket Holders are advised to ensure they have all essential medication before entering the ticket check / holding areas.

Main Arena – NO food or drink (except one unopened 300ml plastic bottle of water/soft drink/juice), NO glass items of any description. NO bottles (except one unopened 300ml plastic bottle of water/soft drink/juice). NO cans, cartons, rigid containers, cool boxes, hampers, rucksacks, hold-alls or large bags NO umbrellas (these block other customer’s views and can cause injury to the person behind – Ticket Holders are advised to bring hooded waterproof clothing if necessary).  NO shooting sticks or similar items. (Rugs may be used at the owner’s own risk and can only be sited on the perimeter of the standing audience). Ticket Holders are warned of the potential dangers (e.g. crushing and trampling) if in a sitting position within or close to a standing audience. NO Professional camera or visual recording equipment. (Small hand held cameras without enhanced lenses are permitted) NO audio recording equipment. NO animals (except those trained to assist the visually impaired).

  1. The Promoter reserves the right to offer tickets at a reduced price if purchased in advance or prior to a certain date or purchased in ‘group’ quantities/amounts. Should any tickets be made available for sale on the day of the Event/Concert, the Promoter reserves the right to sell all such tickets solely at the venue, at the full (on the day) price.
  2. The Promoters do not recognise or support the secondary ticket market. The Promoters are not responsible to or liable in anyway whatsoever to provide entry to the Event, or any service / Concert as advertised as / at the Event / the Venue, to the purchaser or person’s in possession of a ticket obtained from any source other than the Promoters authorised and official agents.
  3. SPECIAL NEEDS: Please enquire at the point of purchase or visit the Event website for services provided. Where possible and appropriate Disabled Parking spaces and a wheelchair-viewing platform may be provided customers are advised to check before booking. Subject to space being available, one carer per charge may be allowed access to this facility, but this cannot be guaranteed. Able-bodied Ticket Holders who abuse this facility without the written permission of the Promoters will be ejected from the Event without refund.
  4. WARNING CCTV cameras are likely to be operational at the Promoters Events. Exposure to amplified sound may cause damage to hearing. Strobe lighting, smoke and special effects will be used in the production.

FORCE MAJEURE: The Promoters reserve the rights to cancel, postpone or abandon the Events because of circumstances beyond their control and without any refund whatsoever. Once the performance has started and the event is cancelled after 5 minutes of performance due to measures of beyond the Promoters control there will be no refunds offered.